About Us

Who We Are

Caboo, a truly Sri Lankan enterprise which offers you best solutions for a comfortable life. A unique but highly sophisticated app will be at your fingertips to deliver your needs to your doorstep.

Caboo consists of travel, lifestyle, food & utility delivery platforms, making it a one stop shop to its customers.  

Caboo is an affordable yet revolutionary e-transportation platform offering you a ride-hailing taxi app with sophistication & island wide presence. Reach anywhere across the country with safety, comfort, convenience and affordability -Be it   work, Leisure, studies or the regular chores.

E-Mall brings you a novel experience in sourcing many products & services available island wide just at your fingertips. This even connects you to the world, bridging the opportunity to create your own marketplace if you’re a local entrepreneur who offers quality products or services. Caboo is the promise of uplifting the live hood of many Sri Lankans, to a prosperous one.

Cooking after a tiring day or missing lunch at office? Caboo – Delivery, the fastest yet most reliable way to order food for you and your loved ones, connecting many hotels, restaurants and fast food outlets across the country. It does more with your domestic household requirements such as gas delivery, plumbers & electricians etc., again with one click away.

Strengthened with over 150,000 drivers across the country available at your convenience, Caboo secures quality & safety across its value chain, every step of the way, through a network of over150 certified & well-articulated agents with proven track records coupled to its systematic process. Most importantly we have you as we have YOU to partner with us!

This is what Caboo stands out in the crowd for – connecting & bringing people together to make life better for everyone.